Marketing Guru Tips: Create a Successfull Press Release

This article, written by Cosmepedia’s own marketing guru, outlines the many things to consider when your practice wishes to create a press release:
Press releases are interesting creatures. Getting them published relies on 4 things:
  1. What other news is occurring (and may be more interesting and locally appealing at the moment)
  2. Interest / quality of the story / relevance to that media’s audience
  3. Perseverance (following up, resubmitting if necessary)
  4. What kind of day the person sorting through them is having.
I have worked for media, I have worked with media in a marketing capacity, and attended seminars led by media. Every press release I’ve ever written and distributed has been picked up / published somewhere. What I’ve found is they must be written not only with a specific type of audience in mind, but also a specific type of media as well and sent to the right people in the right departments.
Press releases are sent to media who have staff that like to write / develop their own stories. Articles are sent to media who like to publish complete works. Having a target in mind, and researching what style / topics / target market / print or publication deadlines goes a long way to getting published.
Cosmepedia Marketing & Public Relations
Check back often to the Cosmepedia blog for more marketing tips and other useful information.

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Did you know cosmetic dentistry was this powerful?

A good dentist can have profound effects on people’s lives. Most do not fully understand how drastically their smile can improve in the hands of a skilled cosmetic and reconstructive dentist. Shy people come out of their shell, those crippled or held back by pain or poor self esteem begin to blossom. When you deal with a top cosmetic dentist or reconstructive dentist they can shorten recovery time, relieve pain and bring out a balanced, bright, healthy smile.

Damage to this patients teeth was caused by grinding, and degradation due to age. Veneers and sculpting procedures were used to transform his smile. The procedure was performed by one of LA’s finest dentists, Dr. Elyassi, a leader in cosmetic dentistry.

Nearly 200 of North America’s top dentists can be found at

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5 Tips to Beef Up Your Dental Practice’s Cyber-Security

These days it may seem scary owning your own website or even opening up your email. With all the talk about Google and Adobe targeted by cyber-attacks you might wonder how you can stay safe if these big corporations cannot? Well luckily our friends at WebWorld Networks have provided us a list with ways to keep your practice’s web experience a pleasant one:

  1. Educate your users in the value of your information. Explain to anyone in your office the importance of keeping information private and the consequences if it is leaked. Remember if members of your staff don’t need to know the information then don’t give it.
  2. Create policies and enforce them. Your employees should know exactly what to do in certain situations even if it involves referring the matter to you.
  3. Create strong passwords. There a number of tools that can be used to “crack” passwords but you can make this extremely difficult by including numbers and symbols into your passwords.
  4. Use secure hosting services. Your business website should be handled professionally. Unstable hosting from discount providers can put your companies information at risk. When choosing a hosting service make sure they have 24-7 dedicated security prevention systems for network security, automatic email scanning for spam and virus detection, data backup, restore and disaster recovery measures. Data backup and hosted servers should ideally be located in a HIIPA compliant data centre, meaning they are held to strict standards of the health care industry.
  5. Use a secure email client. Email is the number one area of attack for cyber-criminals. Make sure you use a trusted provider like Microsoft Exchange. These email programs ensure you have backups of your emails on your computer as well as on the web and feature the most advanced security features.

This article was created for Cosmepedia members. For more cyber-security tips, services, or answers to questions you have head over to and ask an IT expert.

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Twitter… A Powerful Marketing Tool For Cosmetic Dentists?

To some Twitter is simply a micro-blogging tool, a place to tell anyone who will listen what you are doing or how you are feeling. These same people connect with friends and hear about what they are doing and how they are feeling. All the while what they do not realize is they are marketing.

Twitter has thousands of dental professionals as members and even more potential patients. As a cosmetic dentist all you need to do to market yourself to patients is have a genuine discussion with them. Connect with them, share what your practice is doing, what you are doing personally and they will listen. Many studies have shown that trust is one of the most important factors when choosing a dentist. Twitter will help you develop trust with your patients.

One of the biggest mistakes of Twitter marketing is pushing your brand ALL the time. Your followers want to get to know you as a person and not just as a practice. Make sure you take the time to message patients directly on Twitter. Thank them for their visit to your practice, suggest a procedure that you think would be perfect for them, or give them tips on keeping a healthy smile.

Specific ways to use Twitter to increase your patient base include:

  1. Follow your followers. These people have shown an interest in you, repay the favor by showing interest back.
  2. Connect with other dental professionals. Twitter is a great place to meet other dentists, you never know who might refer patients to you after you’ve befriended them on Twitter.
  3. Follow your followers friends. If your patient is proud enough to follow you then they will likely recommend you when their friends ask about you.
  4. Be accessible, twitter is designed for discussions so be open whenever one occurs.

On a personal note Cosmepedia would like to thank our Twitter community for helping us make the 1000 follower milestone. We look forward to reading your tweets in the future! Remember to follow Cosmepedia at twitter/Cosmepedia.


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What Does an “LVI Dentist” Mean to You?

So often we see acronyms – what do they mean? If your dentist has “LVI” on their website or online profile it means they have chosen to have additional special training. The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) is a post-graduate learning centre for dentists wishing to excel in their craft. LVI uses live patients for education and offers courses in the areas of restorative, occlusal, ortho, implant, endodontic, laboratory, practice management and team training. The centre, over 15 years old, has seen more 7500 graduates of their curriculum. LVI alumni are extremely proud of their continued education are most likely happy to discuss their experience with you.

Many Cosmepedia members such as Dr. Forsberg, Dr. Logan and Dr. Klein are LVI Fellows. This means they have gone through rigorous post-graduate training, finishing the CORE LVI courses that include demonstrations of their talents, and completing written examinations. LVI fellows have learned advanced techniques in restorative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and much more. They are committed to ongoing education and perfection in the art of dentistry.

To learn more about LVI please visit and visit Cosmepedia to read about the continuing education of all our members.


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Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques: Veneers

Veneers have become extremely popular in the last 20 years. These thin sheets of restorative material, made from either composite or dental porcelain, help protect the teeth and dramatically improve the aesthetics of your smile. The procedure is relatively pain-free and only requires minimal time to perform. This procedure can be performed by any AACD cosmetic dentist or any experienced dentist with the proper training but ask your doctor if it is right for you.

Here is a detailed video that goes through the entire procedure from start to finish:

To learn more about this procedure or other advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques head over to

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The Tooth’s Guide To Holiday Eating

The holiday season is fast approaching and so are the festive dinners. At a time like this it is important to remember that some foods can help develop strong teeth whiles others may cause harm. Luckily Cosmepedia has classified your holiday foods as naughty or nice to help you out!

Naughty –

  • Sweets – The holiday’s aren’t the same without sweets but these sugar filled delicacies can wreak havoc on your teeth. If you must indulge try to brush as soon as possible.
  • Meats – Meat has much-needed nutrients for your teeth but if any meaty fibers get stuck between your teeth overnight, they can petrify and release an acid that causes tooth decay. So make sure you floss before you go to bed!
  • Drinks – Sugary drinks or even diet drinks can cause damage to your teeth. Your tooth enamel will slowly be degraded by the acidity of the drinks. To void this rinse your mouth with fresh water after indulging.

Nice –

  • Meats – High protein foods help build strong teeth, but see the naughty section for our warning.
  • Nuts –  Nuts have important nutrients for your teeth such as calcium, magnesium and phosphate. We recommend cashews and almonds.
  • Fruit and Vegetables – Foods that need to be chewed and are healthy for your body makes these guys double-great for you.
  • Cheese – High calcium dairy products are always a tooth’s best friend.

We hope you enjoyed our list and invite you to visit for more great information.

To all our members and visitors, Cosmepedia wishes you a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!!!

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